SW100 swing operator

type: commercial
product details

The Besam SW100 can be mounted on either side of the door for pull or push action and is suitable for single- or double-doors

 Low energy

The Besam SW100 is an electromechanical operator and has been developed to comply with North American and European standards and requirements for low-energy power operated doors.

Silent and smart

The Besam SW100 is designed for silent applications with high intelligent functions. Safe, reliable and quiet operation make it the ideal choice for doors in healthcare, residential, office and public service environments where both low-noise and ease of access are important. It includes smart functions such as “Push-and-go”, which opens the door automatically when manually pushed from the closed position, and“Power Assist”, providing motorized assistance when the door is pulled opened by hand. The mart control unit offers added-value features like double-door controls and monitored battery back-up for convenience. Other added-value features are smart lock functions for security, monitored sensors and low-energy consumption.

Technical specifications

Power supply  100-240 V AC, +10/-15%,  50/60Hz

Power consumption max. 75 W

Auxiliary voltage 24 V DC, max. 400 mA

Max recommended Inertia J

For PUSH = 45 kgm²

For PULL = 16 kgm²

J =Door weight x (Door width)²/3

downloads SW100-Besam